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  1. Distribution of YUKO and WOLVER engine oils

    JV YUKOIL LLC is a leading blending company in Ukraine, seeking experienced and highly motivated companies to become official YUKO distributors in a number of countries. We are seeking distributors with the proven ability to promote, sell and service our products in your area where our research has indicated there is a strong demand for our products. JV YUKOIL LLC is a thriving young company, that provides most of kind of lubricants supply to many manufacturing industries. Our company operates on the basis of appointing exclusive official distributors in a strict area under an agreement, initially for five years, to market and sell YUKO branded products by using the attributes of the brand to promote sales of YUKO lubricants. As our distributor, we will support Your efforts on our behalf with the highest quality products and continuous global marketing tools, sales and technical trainings. JV YUKOIL LLC has been fruitfully working with 50 countries around the world and looking for new partners in order to introduce high-quality lubricants to the World. Our company provides a comprehensive selection of high quality automotive and industrial oils, lubricants and greases manufactured for today’s markets.
    Meanwhile, we are exclusive distributors of German Wolver Lab lubricants which are well-known by its rally experience and which are sold with great success as well. Wolver oils are awarded with such OEM approvals as VW, MB, MAN, VOLVO,etc

    JV YUKOIL LLC also offers PRIVATE LABEL production under the exclusive design.

    Should you be interested in this cooperation or have any questions in this regard, please feel free to give me a call or send me an email.

    Thank you very much, and we hope to receive your favorably response soon for further clarification of our cooperation offer.

    Best Regards,
    Denis Glavchev
    Export Sales Key Account Manager
    JV Yukoil LLC
    Mobile: +38 (066) 4746762
    Fax: +38 (061) 222-80-10
    Skype: ranger17351
    Emails: glavс


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